Med Day

Trinity Med Day is an annual fundraising event run by the Association’s Med Day subcommittee. Since 2002, the medical school has designated one day each year where students do not have lectures but instead spend the day fundraising for the hospitals in which they train. This November 2023 , Trinity’s medical students will take to the streets of Dublin with the aim of raising much needed funds for our wonderful beneficiaries. 


On the day itself, over 600 medical students come together on campus early in the morning, grab breakfast and don ‘Med Day’ T-shirts. Starting from 7am, they spread out to various locations around Dublin city with collection buckets; greeting pedestrians and asking for donations. This collection drive is supplemented by other fundraising activities such as sponsored sports, busking, bake sales, quizzes and raffles. All of the money raised from the day is used to fund worthy causes in our Trinity-affiliated hospitals. Last year alone Med Day raised over €60,000 and over the past 21 years, we have raised over €1,000,000 for new health services and medical equipment which directly benefit patients.


Year after year, Med Day has helped improve outcomes for patients in the locality, be it by helping purchase new, up-to-date equipment, or by helping to increase awareness of the health issues at hand. Med Day gives us the opportunity to contribute directly towards an improved quality of life for patients and the population as a whole. Furthermore, Med Day is our chance to say "thank you" to the hospitals, and in particular the patients, who teach us so much throughout our time in medical school.  Every year, we select different beneficiaries from all across the Trinity affiliated hospitals to ensure our funds are spread amongst those who need it most.

This year Med Day hope to raise €50,000 in aid of our outstanding beneficiaries who are yet to be confirmed. Past beneficiaries include:

  • Exercise equipment for Intra-Dialytic Treatment of Dialysis Patients at Tallaght University Hospital
  • Pulmonary Function Assessment Devices for Covid-19 survivors at Tallaght University Hospital
  • Equipment for Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation of patients in our National Burns Unit, St. James’s Hospital
  • Coombe Care, Providing support and assistance to new mothers who are in need at The Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital

Please help us at Med Day to say "thank you" to our amazing hospitals, their staff and their patients!

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