Manifestos: 149th Session

Biosoc #149

Chairperson- Aoibhín Collins

Biosoc babes,

My name is Aoibhín Collins, and I am running for chair of Biosoc’s 149th session!

Biosoc is, undeniably, the heart of #TrinnerzMed. Through Biosoc, we have the unique opportunity to inject comic relief and good vibes into medicine, exactly when and where we need it.

Biosoc refocuses our busy brains on the importance of balance, friendships and enjoyment… and gives us all something to talk about that isn’t the insertion of sartorius or the pathogenesis of COPD. These are important life skills guys!!!

Next year I want to continue with the med-calendar classics, and I have some new visions too, but you’ll have to wait for the AGM for that 😉

Curriculum Vitae Slay:

  • Biosoc rep of 147th and 148th sessions- Acting as rep offers valuable insight into the running of Biosoc, which now I know all too well, experience in sourcing, pourin and drinking cheap beverages, In love with Biosoc and all it does for us xox
  • Plenty of society experience, including running funky-fresh charity activities and events with VDP, and acting as Fundrai$ing Offic€r for StreetDoctors
  • Through these roles and experiences, I have come to learn how societies function and flourish in Trinity. I would be humbled if given the opportunity to put all I have learned to good use, ensuring another fabulous year of fun for our committee and our members.
  • In conclusion, while taking a history last Monday, I was told I seemed like I’d be good craic on a night out. While this is obviously an incredibly factual assumption, I promise you I have other attributes to offer in serving you the play-hard to your work-hard.

I will work tirelessly to ensure Biosoc does all it can for us, if you'll have me.

Lots of love,

Aoibhín <3


Secretary- Emma Jackson

To the Biosoc community,

I am once again (once again) asking you for your vote. But, this time, to be secretary of Biosoc. Yes, I am for real.

Being the year rep the last two years, I've been in training for this, big time. That's two years of annoying group chat texts, even more annoying reminder texts, panicked ticket hunts, bus mishaps, scandal spilling, fleece modelling and wine pouring. Oh yeah - Biosoc has been my

one and only.

Getting to appreciate the work that has gone on behind the scenes in the society, as they returned to the life and the craic we had before the C-word, has been an invaluable experience. It would be a dream come true to be trusted to run the show and put my own stamp on Biosoc.

As excited as I am to figure out the world of Tito and the CSC emailing lists, how best to butter up the Hist/Phil to secure that GMB booking, the most delicate Aldi red wine to pair with the finest Lidl cheeses, and just how many hotels and towns we've been barred from, both sides of the Shannon, I'm most looking forward working with an undoubtedly unreal

committee, to give back to the community that has given me a sense of belonging in university.

Warmest/ kindest/ sincerest regards,

Em J x

Treasurer- Sally Murphy

Hey guys, I’m Sally and I would love nothing more than to be the next Biosoc Treasurer!

Why would I be a good treasurer you might ask? Well firstly, I love money, you could say it runs in my blood - my accountant parents are still hoping I’ll switch careers! I’m also trying to get as much use out of my LC accounting as possible, it’s not helping me out on the wards!

This year I was treasurer for a charity some of you may know - MOVE!! Given that it is a charity and we couldn't really spend anything, I can do a lot with little money, so I’ll try and keep ticket prices down so Biosoc doesn’t bankrupt us yet! I’m also well versed in keeping accounts, getting grants, bank transfering and all those fun money things!!

Biosoc has become such a big part of my life and has been the scene of many of my favourite memories!! It would be an honour to play a part in giving that experience to others! I’d be very grateful for your vote! Sally xx

Public Relations Officer- Razan Ahmed

OXFORD’S CLINICAL HANDBOOK defines Biosoc as “the interaction of biological and social factors.” Well, you know something? I think you guys are factors. Gold factors.

My name is Razan and I’m hoping to be Biosoc’s next top PRO. You may know me as the girl who attacked you with a camera and sunglasses on a night out and posted a TikTok online with you in it. You’re welcome x

You may also know me as the current MOVE PRO where I’ve plastered MOVE puns all over the aul socials. I’m also the Trintagzzz PRO which was responsible for the infamous Edinburgh challenges and tag rugby hype videos. Not only that but I’ve also done more PROing for the glorious county of Cavan than any officials #yupcavan #365Lakes #lovelivelaughcavan

I’m not going to act like I don't already have a folder in my notes dedicated to all my biosoc ideas, like I don't already have 9 logos drafted for the 149th session or that I haven’t already decided on theme or that I didn’t start writing this manifesto in September. I loveeeeeee Biosoc. Let me take my silly little photos and silly little videos for another year. Pick me, choose me, love me xxxx

Entertainment Officers : Nikki Lynch & Niamh O'Reilly

Nikki Lynch

HEY GUYS!! My name is Nikki and I would LOVE to be your new ENTS officer!!!!!!

I do identify as biosocs biggest fan and not just because I only have friends in medicine cause that would be ridiculous right?

I LOVE a good event (and also a good bit of capital letters) and experience wise, have attended every Biosoc event that I have been in the country for and I have absolutely 0 regrets although my bank account would say otherwise.

But seriously all of the best memories in medicine are with Biosoc and I would be ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to help organise these events.

I am now going to quote a lil paragraph from my CV so stop reading now if you wanna stay awake…. I was on the MOVE ball committee this year WHOO. Some people have said it was the best event of the year but who am I to judge?

Big reveal incoming…….I am the captain of the TRINITAGZ which I’m sure you have all heard of but if not, we are a tag rugby team that have never won a match but always have lots of fun ! We went to Galway before Christmas and also played UCD.

I run the women’s 5 a side league in Trinity also. I don’t have anything to add here except that my team name is Cephaloscorin’. We did not score many goals but still cool right?

I’m also the social secretary for street docs yay.

Ok sorry that was boring so in conclusion, yay Biosoc, yay ents and pls vote for me😏

Ps none of that is actually taken from my CV.

Niamh O'Reilly

Heyyyyy everyone,

My name is Niamh and it would bring me the utmost pleasure to be your ENTS officer this year.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a cheeky night out 😉 From dressing up as Spongebob in Killarney to busting a move at Medball, my attendance at Biosoc events is embarrassingly high.

While my previous committee roles have been mostly DanceSoc and TMT orientated, I feel swapping the stage for the scandal sheet shouldn’t be too difficult. I promise not to force you all to take part in any full scale musical productions….. unless anyone is interested???? … maybe just the PANTO revival?!?

One thing about me I̶'m̶ t̶h̶e̶ b̶a̶d̶d̶e̶s̶t̶ a̶l̶i̶v̶e̶ is I always rise to the challenge. Need 100 sandwiches on a budget? I will ring every deli in Dublin to make it happen… you’re welcome StreetDocs xox. I love haggling and promise to get you the best nights out at the best prices.

All joking aside, I would love to see all the traditional Biosoc events through next year while also adding in some golden oldies such as Med ball fallout day (soften the blow of the fear yano), the panto (TOO many ideas) and maybe a sports day (aka danceathon hehe)!

I feel like my previous committee experience, love of a boogie and obsession with Biosoc has prepared me for this role and I’m so thankful for all that the past committees have done for us and if given the opportunity, I would LOVE to do the same for you all!

In a nutshell, I promise to ignore obs gynae for Biosoc.

All the love,


Ordinary Committee Members- Conor Walsh & Sarah Newport

Conor Walsh

Hello Biosoc
This is my manifesto for my application for OCM for next year

Ever since the lockdown began to lift in second year, I have surrounded myself with other people in medicine whether it be in terms of roommates, drinking buddies or 5 a side (league winning may I add) teammates. Because I spend so much of my time with my medical colleagues I’m inclined to attend just about every event Biosoc puts on and I am a real sucker for them - I have described the second year Christmas trip to Lisbon as the height of life more times than I can remember. Whether it be taking photos, refereeing matches or general promotion or brainstorming I try and get involved in every event as much as I can.

Although I was tempted by the role in Ents I think OCM would be a more diverse job and I like the idea of that. In terms of what I can bring to the table, I helped to organise the MOVE pub crawl at Christmas which went very down well with all who attended and raised a substantial amount of money. Because I have spent an embarrassing amount of time shite talking to other meds in chaplains, spoons and the Usher library I have a good idea what is important to people, and what events are well liked. I would love a seat at the table and really think I can help make the committee as good as it can possibly be.

Cheers guys
Conor Walsh 20333063

Sarah Newport

Hello! My name is Sarah and i would absolutely love to be OCM next year (jesus 200 words is so little). I am very much someone who believes that there needs to be a balance in medicine and the biosoc events have and continue to be the highlights of my years in Trinity. I am a regular attender of them and so I definitely know how important it is that the events are well planned and that everyone enjoys them! When it comes to my ideas on what I could bring to the role I definitely want to have an emphasis this year on events that absolutely EVERYONE in medicine can enjoy. I plan on making the regular events that we hold such as MedBall and the Christmas trip as spectacular as I can. And at the same time, I would love to organise more events that involve health and wellness such as walks and sea swims that all the years can enjoy. This year I have really seen how important exercise is for my mental health when stressful times in this course arise and I know how tough this course can be so organising events that revolve around community and exercise would be something I think everyone could get out of (not to mention they don't cost a dime- very important for someone as skint as I am).

Anyways, thats enough about me. I think Ill leave it there lol. This is Sarah Newport btw

3rd Year Representatives- Shane Dineen  & Orla Keane

Shane Dineen

Hellooo everyone mine names Shane and I’m hoping to be your year rep again!!

I think we can all agree 2nd year was a rough one, but one thing we could count on was having a biosoc event to look forward to. From balls, to Edinburgh, to the biosoc gold standard of premium wine and cheese, another great year was had.

Now that we are coming to the end of the year we can finally look forward for to TY🤩. I’d love to help out again next year anyway I can as 3rd year rep, and I would nearly go as far as to say I’ve mastered my wine pouring skills.

I’ve loved being on biosoc so far and will be very grateful if ye will have me again 🙂

Orla Keane

Heyy everyone!! Orla here again to ask for your vote to be one of your third year biosoc reps <3

2nd year has been grim for all involved but I think we made a fair attempt at having a good balance of study and fun. Personally, I would say I acted as if biosoc events were more mandatory than lectures- even after the SEATS app.

Many of my 2nd year highlights have been at biosoc events, for example: being locked out of the Killarney hostel in the lashing rain. Walking straight into a random karaoke bar in Edinburgh without question and managing to sing 3 songs before getting kicked out.

I would also like to redeem myself next year: I would absolutely love to not have to be put to bed at 12am at med ball! I would also love to be given the chance to get back at Shane in the scandal sheet after him exposing me this year.

I love being a biosoc rep- probably my favourite thing is picking different emojis to use when sending biosoc events into the group chat. I have a chronic need to be busy all of the time so I would love to continue to be part of biosoc next year! I am a big fan of organisation so I loved being involved in the committee even though my job as rep was not very strenuous lol.

I don’t think you should break up the iconic rep duo of myself and Shane so please give us your votes xx

Lots of love,


2nd Year Representatives- Dominic Hayden & Kayona Alhassan

Dominic Hayden

I'm Dominic, and I'm running for Biosoc Second Year Rep. I’m 22 and in first year so when I talk about commitment, I really mean it.

I’ve completed two years of pharmacy and served as class rep in my second year which I won by a landslide (I was the only person to run). As the sole class rep that year I feel like I have a good understanding on how to make sure every student feels represented as well as sort out any queries or issues students may have.

I’m also a DJ and heavily involved with DUDJ. Over the last year you might have seen me playing in the Soundhouse, Bow Lane or the PAV. I believe this has allowed me to make valuable connections with members of ENTS and DUDJ, as well as give me valuable insight into the organising and running of events.

If you elect me as your Second Year Rep, I'll work hard to make sure everyone's voice is heard, as well as trying to create a memorable year in which Biosoc events are the highlight.

Thanks for your consideration,

Kayona Alhassan

Hi 🙂 My name is Kayona and I'd like to apply for the position of 2nd year Biosoc rep!

Ever since I joined the society back in fresher's week, I've had such a fun time at all the events and I found it to be a great way to make new friends both in my year and across the other years. A lot of my best memories of my first year are from the Biosoc events - from med day, the surf trip (even though I couldn't surf!), and of course, med ball. I think I would be a good addition to the committee because I'm a sociable person and I'm always making an effort to try and get to know as many people in my year as I can. I'm reliable and organised and I'm currently working for an event marketing company, which has helped me develop skills that would come in handy for this role. One of the things that I think distinguishes this society from others is the range of events that take place, and this is something I'd like to focus on if I got the position. I'd love to organise events, like the charity sea swims and the karaoke nights, to encourage more of the international and mature students in my year to get involved. I know how daunting first year can seem, so I'd really like to be a friendly face for the incoming freshers.

Med Day

Chairperson- Joy Cloonan

Hello hello hi how are we?!

My name is Joy and I’m running to be your next MedDay chair  

I’ve been on MedDay for the last two years and I have absolutely ADORED it and would love to do it one last time!

I am absolutely willing to sacrifice my degree to try make MedDay 2023 the best yet! (Totally would have got a first otherwise lol)

I have big bright plans for the year ahead, first step obvs being bringing back the MedDay bouncy castle YAY

Cash seems to be turning into a thing of the past and it’s really important to me that we adapt to this transition and begin to redefine our fundraising efforts to ensure that MedDay will continue to thrive for years to come!

Consider this a warning, voting for me will mean you will be constantly PLAGUED with us begging for your hard earned ca$h lol but sure look won’t the kids be delira with their bikes!

Yay! Charity! Fun! MedDay! Please take me back xo   

Secretary- Brian Byrne

Hello there! My name is Brian and it would be a tremendous pleasure to be the secretary of MedDay 2023. As one of the MedDay reps for the past two years I’ve realised that I love sending texts into group chats and from my extensive research I bet the role of secretary is just that, on steroids - this means I’m nearly uniquely qualified for this august position.

Medday to me represents the very best nature of everyone in medicine, banding together to raise money and awareness for properly brilliant causes - I personally feel that this could well be the best year ever, and the process of getting excited for it should really be beginning right now - buzz!

Treasurer- Caoimhe Lafferty

Hi there!!

My name is Caoimhe Lafferty, I’m currently in 3rd year and I would absolutely love to be your Med Day Treasurer for next year!

Med Day is, in my mind, the most magical day of the year. There is nothing quite like the buzz in TBSI at 6am as we collect our delicious breakfasts, Med Day t-shirts, and our buckets that can be heard from all corners of Dublin. No other event in the medicine calendar provides that warm fuzzy feeling of doing good while also having the best time with friends and making great memories. Med Day has given me so many great experiences and laughs with my friends, and it would be such an honour to give back to Med Day by harassing strangers on the streets for their money for our teaching hospitals.

I would love to be this year’s treasurer, and I think I’m up for the job. I am the current treasurer of the Paediatric Society, so I feel like I have a fair idea of what I’m getting myself into. I am more than prepared to balance the books and send off as many emails as humanly possible haggling people for sponsorship, as well as any other jobs that need to be done on the committee. I will also have all of Donegal and beyond donating to the cause, Med Day will reach all four corners of Ireland if I have my way!

I would be so so so happy if you considered me for your vote for Med Day treasurer. It is SUCH a fantastic organisation and I cannot wait to see what next year’s Med Day holds!


Claffert 💅

Public Relations Officer- Siofra Drohan

Hi everyone! My name’s Siofra, and I’m running for the position of MedDay PRO! Although I don’t have much in the way of experience of PROing (aside from a brief takeover of the trinitagz instagram for the Edinburgh Challenge of 2022), I’m well attuned to the inner workings of societies. I’ve been on the VisArts committee for two years, first as OCM and then as secretary, so i’m well used to to organising events. I’m a weapon behind an email account and I’m addicted to my phone so I‘ll never miss a message! As well as VisArts, I’ve been OCM of MOVE for the past year, bringing you hit events such as pub quizzes, pub crawls, many a bake sale, and mostly importantly, the biggest event of the Trinity calendar, MOVE Ball !!

Last but not least, I’m a fierce fan of MedDay, making it a personal challenge every year to be out on the streets of Dublin at 6am, harrassing everyone that walks by for their change, to stumbling home myself 24 hours later, and I can’t wait for another huge year for MedDay. Thank you!

Ordinary Committee Members- Emma McDwyer,  Molly Dempsey,
Cal MacAnulty

Emma McDwyer

Hey guys, my name is Emma and I would love nothing more than to be one of your next Med Day OCMs!

Med Day is without a doubt one of the highlights of the year and I would love the opportunity to continue the work of last year’s committee and make next year’s Med Day the best one yet!

I can be a bit of a keyboard warrior when sending emails, so don’t worry I have no problem harassing people to donate to Med Day. I will do anything to raise money (just look at trinity insta to see me and the girlos planting 40 trees for consultants and accidentally becoming ambassadors for environmental day?)

As a proud member of the Ketones and a big trad head, I would ensure to recruit as many musicians as possible for the busking on Med Day to get that extra cash!

I would be honoured to be part of the next Med Day committee and would really appreciate your vote! Emma <3

Molly Dempsey

Hey guys!

I’m Molly and I would be delighted to be your Medday OCM for next year's committee!

I feel perfectly equipped for this position having come off a year of writing too many emails, organising events and hounding businesses for sponsorship as MOVE’s secretary.

In addition to this, I am MedDay’s biggest fan! Even in first year when we missed out on Medday *covid*, I was able to raise over a grand for Medday. This is mainly due to the fact that I have no absolute shame in harassing people/ companies to donate to a worthy cause.

As your OCM, I hope to take the best day of the year to the next level, and make it as enjoyable and memorable (or not ;)) as possible, and bring back even more pav challenges and of course, the bouncy castle that we’ve only heard legends about

Vote for me <33 Molly

Calum MacAnulty

Hello all, I’m Cal and Im running for Med Day OCM.

Med Day rocks like Kid Cudi - Day ‘n’ Night. Yes… the night out is ‘great craic’ but we all know the real magic happens in the morning:

The bucket collection - THE defining and only significant event of your medical career.

I personally have an unrelenting, feverish, burning and really quite swollen passion for bucket collections. I have a comprehensive collection - varying grades, circumferences and depths and am a member of an underground collective of like-minded enthusiasts that operate discrete black market trades of rare ‘bouçqets’. Can you even imagine how useful that will be?

I met a Reg. on the Derm. scheme. How’d they get on it?- One unit - Kg. 15.3 of them. Impressive right? There is a direct correlation between bucket weight and success as a clinician- you need an OCM who will gently remind you- your careers are on the line.

Sleep is OUT for 4th year. That's like three-quarters of my day. I’m going to have soooo much more free time than everyone else. I might even be too available. Vote for the bucket guy!!!!!

3rd Year Representatives - Domhnall Roe & Ellie O'Kane

Domhnall Roe

Hey everyone! my name is Domhnall and I would be delighted to be one of your third year med day reps next year. Pleeaassssee vote me back onto the MedDay committee, the vibes are simply immaculate and it’s so rewarding to get the chance to organise great events for you guys while also raising funds for such worthy causes in our teaching hospitals 🔥 I would love to be even more active next year in organising events and coming up with new ways to raise as much as we can! (Med Day Céilí collab with TradSoc pending, you’re not ready 🥵) my head is already buzzing with ideas for next year and I would really appreciate your vote so we can make it the best MedDay yet 😍

Many thanks,


Ellie O’Kane

Hey Guys! I’m Ellie and I’m a Medday addict.

This is the 3rd year I will be running for a role on the Medday committee which exhibits the fact that this has become an integral part of my trinity identity.

I’m up for running any kinda errands necessary in the name of Medday. Having been on the committee for two years now you can have faith in my experience AND I'm also on the tennis committee (another medicine filled society) so hopefully that’s another vote of confidence in my abilities. In my pursuits on the committee I will campaign for both bouncy castles and the return of gold bars to any end (my locker requires a new stash of treats so I'm really serious with this one).

It's been incredible to contribute to the running of such a worthwhile charity, while having a chance to give back, and I’ve really treasured my time with the committees thus far. Furthermore I would be incredibly honoured to be under the rule of Queen Joy this coming year. I'm so so glad I ran for Medday in my first year and I can't imagine not being a part of the special day moving forward, so please vote for me as one of your 3rd year reps.

2nd Year Representatives- Ola Majkusiak & Zoe Gardiner

Ola Majkusiak

Hii everyone! I’m Ola and I’m running for 2nd year MedDay rep.

Thinking back to last September, I’m still not sure what made me walk down the SQuek to give a “speech” to over 200 then strangers… Whatever it was, getting chosen as 1st year MedDay rep was probably the best almost accidental thing that happened to me and made my 1st year experience so much fun.

Believe it or not, I’m planning to be less confused with what’s going on this time round. Actually, I’m quite excited to get involved even more and make the big day the best time of the year again, and most of all help raise loads of money for the beneficiaries.

Fortunately, due to my delusion that it’s actually much better to cram a whole semester in 2 weeks than study consistently, I’ll be able to make MedDay my top priority (if necessary I may even think of sacrificing my all time favourite – sleep).

I’d really appreciate it if you let me do it all over again and hopefully even better!



Zoe Gardiner

Hi! My name is Zoe Gardiner and I am currently a first year studying medicine. I’d love to apply for a second year rep position for MedDay. I have a strong passion for making a positive impact and giving back to those in need. This past November I participated in MedDay and instantly knew it was something I always wanted to be a part of. I loved the feeling of coming together as a community and working to raise money for good causes. I’m eager to get involved and would love to be a part of the committee helping organise all of the different parts that go into MedDay. I have previous experience planning fundraisers in secondary school and I would love the opportunity to use these experiences in helping out with MedDay. I’d absolutely love to be more involved next year.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂