Manifestos: 147th Session



Aisling Cadden

When I volunteered for Biosoc in first year, I had no idea how incredible of an experience I would have with this society over the coming years. I have had the privilege of working alongside three extraordinary committees, gaining an insight into how this society is best run.

Like many others, some of my fondest memories have been made through Biosoc, but unfortunately this year our renowned events have taken a hit with COVID. I would love to work alongside next year’s committee in reviving Biosoc to its pre-lockdown glory - with more wine and cheese receptions than my lactose-intolerant self can handle. In addition to long standing favourites such as MedBall and MTTA, I would strive to create events engaging to even more TCD Med students. As we come out of lockdown, it will be essential to host events that everyone feels welcome and encouraged to engage with. I hope to create a year that allows 1 st and 2 nd years to experience the delights of Biosoc as we older years got to, and allow final years to finish off their medical school journey with the flourish they deserve.

I am so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences this society has given me over the past three years and would be honoured to lead Biosoc into its 147th session.
Ais x


Laura Ryan

Hey my name is Laura and I would love to be the 147th sessions secretary.

Biosoc events have been some of my highlights of college so far and I’d love to be part of the committee behind them.  Over the last few years I’ve really honed in my talent for planning, having spent most my days in the Ussher prioritising creating study schedules and timelines over actually studying ✨ I also have experience with societies being director of design for TMT since first year. In this role I created some s t u n n i n g excel sheets (if i do say so myself), as well as organising cast, bombarding them with messages, and skipping out on neuro exams to make sure everything’s running on schedule. I was also part of TMT’s Into the woods which won best virtual events at the CSC awards (👀) so if this lockdown stuff keeps going I’m fully ready for some online eventss 

Finally I just want to let you know that I am PASSIONATE about sending emails, having sent a certain med tutor 15 in one week 🙄

Saying all this I would be more than happy to be involved in any aspect of biosoc, so will also be throwing my name in for OCM 

Much love x 


Saint David Olubiyi

Hey Everyone, I’m David a third year medical student hoping to be your next Biosoc treasurer.

Having had the pleasure of being a year rep for Biosoc since first year I’ve had the privilege to see first hand the amazing work done by each committee, Biosoc, to me, is such an important facet of medicine and the academic year would not be the same without its staple events. After spending the past three years honing my skills in cheese cutting and wine pouring, I would love nothing than be part of the team organising and facilitating great experiences outside of the lecture hall.

I believe the role of the treasurer is vitally important especially we organise more in person events with the hopeful return to normality in the coming year. I may not have revolut but I do have previous experience as a treasurer working for a charity in secondary school. I am dedicated to making sure that we make up for all the lost events in the past year and a half and would love to have the opportunity to be part of the society that makes this happen.

Vote for David (I’m (still)(still) literally a Saint)

Public Relations Officer

Katy White

Hey, my name's Katy and I'd love to be the next Biosoc PRO! Here are my credentials:

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE - I'm currently the PRO for two societies, a pro PRO you might say

SHAMELESSLY LONG SCREEN TIME - as someone who spends 7+ hours (apparently) per day on social media, I know exactly how the algorithm works in order to make all our Biosoc posts POP

ARTISTIC VISION - I've entered poetry in Medicine Through The Arts for the last two years, so I know how to put a snappy insta caption together

ONLY ONE GOOD SIDE - I know the struggle of only having one good photo angle so rest assured when Biosoc in-person events return in all their glory, I will make it my personal mission to get everyone the new profile pic they deserve

Biosoc has been a key part of my college experience so far and I would love the chance to be on the committee this year, if you'll have me <3

Entertainment Officers (x2)

Kevin McDonnell

Hey everyone, I'm Kevin and I'd love to be your next Biosoc ENTs officer.

I’m currently the PRO for Trinitones, so I have experience dealing with messages and emails from Karens and Vietnamese fangirls. Communication skills 10/10.

I LOVE a good night out, even if it's the night before our Biochem exam. I am the embodiment of "Ah, just one more". You gotta be a party lover to organise a good party.

Apart from attending many Biosoc events and drinking myself to the floors of many a bar's bathrooms, I've also helped organise and create the medday videos every year involving some boppy Lizzo renditions and Anchorman covers.

I've done my fair share of exotic traveling from the wild depths of Donegal to the dirtiest of places like Kavos (one of those Greek towns that consists of 30 nightclubs and one "Tesko"), so I know a well-priced 70cl when I see one. This skill absolutely transfers over to finding good hostels, buzzing bars, and cheap flights.

Regardless of what comes of this manifesto, I'm always up for a good time so you'll either find me at the next pub crawl's bathroom floor or with the medicine choir nerds singing their acapella ABBA covers in the corner.


Peter Flanagan

Hey guys, my name is Peter, and I'm putting myself forward for Biosoc Ents officer or OCM.

Why pick me? - Well, I'm willing to commit to these positions with the same level of commitment I have for maintaining my luscious locks, and if you know me, that's some commitment.

We all miss the old days of pub crawls, surf trips, hollibops, balls n all!! I want to bring these events back with a bang and possibly add more events to make up for lost time. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that I want to keep a mystery, but no need for concern as events I plan work out sixty per cent of the time every time. That's a pretty good track record if I say so myself.

Experience? Sure fake it till you make it. Isn't that what the interns say? Jokes aside, I was fortunate to experience the joys of being on the welfare team in halls. Plenty of experience with helping set up for prinks and ensuring college students have a good time. Not to mention the organisational skills I gained from providing a constant supply of Johnnie's for my house in halls.

I appreciate the votes, and I won't disappoint!

Ordinary Committee Members (x2)

Camille Christle-Power

Hey my name is Camille, and I would loveeee to be member of next years Biosoc or Med day committee. 
After having put myself out there to be the 3rd year Med day rep last year only to be shot down, I’ve decided to pull a Richie Porter morning after Med ball and get back on my feet. 
I would appreciate any distraction from the trials and tribulations of 4th year and none would be better than organising a post lockdown Med event with the finest Tesco wine, cheese and crackers. 
I want to help in any way I can to make up for lost time, especially for the years that have yet to experience Biosoc and Med day events in all their glory! 
Thank you and goodnight, God bless 
Camille Christle-Power 
Ciara Leavy

Hi, my name is Ciara Leavy and I am looking for your vote for Biosoc and/or Medday OCM (indecisive I know but I’m a libra at heart)

Given that I’ve been leeching biosoc and medday at any event involving free wine, I feel like it is time to give back - not the vino; That’s long gone 😉

Both Medday and Biosoc have had an amazing impact on my college experience to date, enabling me to make many happy memories (and lose a few after nights out) whilst contributing to worthy causes. I would love to play a part in that going forward.

The fact that we raised €86,000 despite not being able to shake our buckets at 6am in the freezing cold shows our determination and spirit as a group. I would love to contribute to the organising of this day, and promise to be cheerful and motivating when handing out buckets at the crack of dawn on a cold November morning. 

If you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of meeting me, you’ll find that I’m reliable, annoyingly organised and always willing to help. These are the qualities that I’m hoping to bring to Biosoc or Medday, should you choose me as your OCM. 

Lots of love, 
Ciara xx

3rd Year Representatives (x2)

Aoife Gatling Colleran

Dear humans of Biosoc,

What's another year? Those who have been around me for any amount of time will know how much I love the role. It have been honoured to have the opportunity to get to know the year and represent a society which, for many of us, is pivotal to our college experience.

As things open up and Biosoc makes its comeback I will be striving to get as many third years as possible attending events**. After losing a year of getting to know one another better and being scattered across the city on placement, Biosoc events will be hugely important in restoring a sense of community in the year. A personal goal for me also is to encourage those who previously did not attend events in first year to become involved because frankly, I feel people do not know what they are missing.

Other reasons you should consider me for 3rd year rep:

  • My personality is 80 percent cheeseboard at this stage so I am a strategic choice for wine and cheese nights
  • I am consistently last on the Forest leaderboard amongst my friends making me very available for event organising and addressing concerns
  • I can make a sincere promise to pour my energy into Biosoc than my studies

Until post-apocalypse
Much love,

**Disclaimer: Tony Holohan reserves the right to cancel any promises made in the following manifesto

Eimear Kyle

Hey I’m Eimear! To be honest with you, there’s nothing more I yearn for than to be your rep for Biosoc again, and to make everything right this time. Indeed a host of promises were made last year, but I promise to never go back on that promise. In fact, let’s be honest I need to stop quoting Eminem. 

The fact that us second years will be soon undergoing a change of scene heading into hospitals etc. will be an extra social obstacle for us atop of everything else. Especially with the rise of online lectures for the foreseeable - any chances of interaction anywhere other than within our P O D S are being severely threatened. We’re all just peas in pods at the end of the day and all we want is to be a big XXL family pack of frozen peas once more.

For this reason, I will absolutely go the extra mile to communicate events that will hopefully take place next year: to make sure everybody in the year has heard about them no matter what platforms they use (potential venture into using Instagram etc.?) and feel included, which I could only hope would get as many peeps as possible hopping back on the happy funky fresh and free social bandwagon ASAP Rocky.

Over the past year I’ve also realised the importance of relaying feedback on from d ppl to the committee itself for your funky fresh ideas (holla for a ski trip) and the ideal timing of events, so there is not only the potential to recreate the classics that were once lost but also add new events/pursuits to the mix, be it social, sporting, academic, YOU name it.

I hope you are all well and that you feel as hopeful as I do for the future of Biosoc and fun things in general. It would be an honour to continue my stay in Biosoc - thank you v much for reading 🙂

2nd Year Representatives (x2)

Aoibhín Collins

Hello helloooo!!! I’m Aoibhín and I’m hoping to be your 2nd year rep!

I’d LoVe your vote so that I can ensure we soon-to-be 2nd years have the fun-filled, chaotic year that we *so tragically* missed out on as 1st years.

This year has been a mad one which, dare I say, has not fulfilled our wildest dreams of how 1st med should be. With all the same workload, PBLs, labs, lectures (need i go on?!), but none of the hectic nights out or big wholesome gatherings to break it up, we ~ pandemic first years ~ have had it rough :’(

As 2nd year rep, I’ll make sure we get some extra special attention throughout the year 😉 so we can all make friends!! ..even from ..outside our pods!?! Biosoc is so wonderful at creating a real sense of community within, and across, year groups. I would love to further establish this amongst our year as your rep! 

I also tend to embarrass myself on the regular and so have no problem inundating the group chat with long, emoji-laden updates so we can all stay informed and get everyone involved in all that Biosoc has to offer!! <3

Clíona Nic Giolla Phadraig

Hey everyone, my name is Cliona and I am running for the position of your second year rep.

The Biosoc community is such a wholesome community that I have had the pleasure to be a part of for this past year and I’d love nothing more than to do it all again. From the Christmas trip to med ball, Biosoc is central to the organising of these big events in the medical calendar. Sadly, our year didn’t get to experience these events or even meet our classmates, but the futures looking up for us!! In person or online events, either way, if elected my main aim would to be to make sure everyone feels welcome to get involved in events and hopefully make up for lost time. I have experience in organising events from my time as first year rep and would like to think that I am a friendly approachable person who anyone would feel comfortable going to, to ask a question. And of course, I’ve had plenty of practice spamming the groupchat about upcoming events.

It was an absolute pleasure to be your class rep this year and I’d be so delighted if yous voted for me.

Cliona x

Emma Jackson

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick)

I’m Emma Jackson and I’m ready to battle it out be your next 2nd year Biosoc rep. I hail from the Wesht so you’ll likely catch me talking about my fondness of tea, admiring the great drying outside or, occasionally, waving at magpies. I’m usually the shortest person in any given room so I’m easily identifiable but also really approachable and always up for a chat. I love being involved in events and activities- generally doing anything to lend a hand. You know that person in school who was stuck in everything? Yep, that was me. But we’re all med students here so don’t lie; it was you too.

Over the past year, I’ve only seen your little heads on my laptop screen but it’s obvious how welcoming and supportive a community Biosoc is, and I would love to get involved next year and to get to know you all properly. Although, the goal is to see more of your gorgeous faces in real life. After the craic-drought first year we’ve had, we deserve all the events, balls and cheese-and-wine-receptions the CSC can manage, to remedy the ominous myth known as “second year”. I may be tiny, but I promise to be loud as I yell at tell you from the bottom of SQB what a good time you’ll be having next year!

Maddy Haines

Hey! I’m Maddy and I would love to be your 2nd year rep!

This past year wasn’t what a lot of us were expecting. Our social events on zoom were filled with laughter, but I think so many of us missed socialising together and attending our first med ball as a class. If selected as a 2nd year rep, I will help ensure that our year gets to make up for lost time and have even more fun! I’m so appreciative for the time I got to spend being your 1st year BioSoc rep (shoutout to our other rep Clíona!). That experience will help me best represent our class as I understand the work ethic required and the behind the scenes organisational skills needed to be a rep in BioSoc. Thank you for considering to vote for me and I hope to be your 2nd year rep! (*might spice up our class group chat with some new feisty emojis*).

All the best!
Maddy Haines

Med Day


Sue-Ann O'Beirne

Well lads! Sue-Ann here 😀 I would love to be considered for the position of Med Day chair this year!

Since day one I’ve been a huge fan of Med Day and all it’s wholesomeness, and for the past 2 years I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the team as year rep. Of course there is a lot to live up to given the amazing (phoenix-like) success of the past. I will do everything I can to fill Med Day with its usual magic, and with a bit of luck we can all raise spirits and funds again on the streets of Dublin!!

Med Day’s track record of bringing us together in our community is something I definitely hope to continue, especially important after this year of what was it.. panorama? Pandemonium? Anyways, I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working with those fantastic committees and I think it will stand to me in this bigger role! I promise to give it my very best effort with all the behind the scenes work involved to make Med Day as great as ever.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the AGM this year,
Cheers xo


William Farmer

Hi everybody, Will Farmer here!

I’m channelling my inner Bernie and am once again asking for your support for the position of Med Day Secretary for the coming year.

I had a brilliant time being on the committee this year as 3rd year rep. Seeing everyone out repping the yellow t-shirts was an amazing reminder of all the best parts of being in this college community, and of exactly how much catching up we all have to do next year!

Having been on the committee last year helping organise various fundraising pursuits, I appreciate how much preparation has to go into each event, and I feel that I have a good insight into what it’ll take to get us back with a bang next year! I’ve also got connections in high society that should help grease the wheels on our way back (I have Mattress Mick’s number and I’m not afraid to use it).

So please vote me for Med Day Secretary for what I’d like to call:

‘Med Day 2021 the 2nd -Electric Boogaloo’ or ‘The Ed Burke-mpire Strikes Back’ (lads these are gold someone better be writing this down)..

Yours truly,
Will. *insert finger guns here*


Ruth Walsh

Hi guys, 
Heres my manifesto for treasurer for MedDay. 

I'll work all night, I'll work all day, 
To do the sums just for MedDay
(Fifty Grand) 
And still there never seems to be a size small tshirt left for me
(That's too bad)
In my dreams I have a plan
To make over one hundred grand
Then I'd feel no guilt at all when drinking cans in Ed Burke hall
Money, money, money 
Ruth is running 
For MedDay treasurer 
Money, money, money
Ruth is running 
for MedDay treasurer
All the things I could do 
If I was the MedDay treasurer 
We'd be richer
Ruth for Treasurer!

Public Relations Officer

Emer Healy O'Reilly

Hey Troops, Emer here.

I’d really be living my best life if I was to be PRO for the event that’s even BIGGER than the Catalina wine mixer aka Med Day. It would be an honour to be this years Med Day PRO as it’s an event that really is so full of wholesomeness and immaculate vibes.

In a faraway land free of Covid I embarked on a journey through the slopes of Val d’Isere and fell in love with a beer called ‘Skoll’. My own love for social media and inner vlogger resulted in me advertising for skoll every night and doing a lot of free marketing for them as many people were asking me what on earth it was after the trip. This led me to think, if I can market a beer so well that I only just tasted……what could I do for MED DAY a day that really is one of the highlights of my year. The answer is A LOT.

I would really love to be involved in the promotion of such an amazing day and hope to engage as many people as possible in raising endless amounts of dollar billz for our beneficiaries.

Stay Thriving Always,
Emer xoxoxox

Ordinary Committee Members (x3)

Darragh O'Dowd

Hey, my name is Darragh O’Dowd and I’d love to be one of your Med Day OCMs next year! I think I’d make a great OCM as:

1)     I’m planning on doing the intercalated masters (affectionately known as the TY of Medicine) next year, so I’ll have loads of time to run around doing Med Day’s odd jobs

2)     Med Day is often compared to Med-Christmas. As someone who starts playing the Christmas tunes at 00:01 on November 1st, it’d be an honour to spend the summer preparing for Med Day (+/- listening to Mariah Carey on repeat)

3)     I was one of the MOVE Treasurers this year so I would love to use some of the “team working” and “annoying people for charity” skills I gained to help Treasure (hah, get it?) Med Day as an OCM

4)     One of the Med Day OCMs’ roles is to be part of the Med Day fairy team for which I feel uniquely qualified… (read gay and likes glitter too much)

In all seriousness, whether it’s shaking buckets, singing in the Ed Burke or feeling the positivity over zoom, Med Day is a massive highlight for me every year and I’d love to help to make it as amazing next year!

Iffat Khalid


My name is Iffat Khalid and I would love to run for the OCM position for the upcoming Med Day Committee. Although I haven't been formerly part of the committee, I have always had a keen passion for Med Day and how worthwhile the event is, and the benefits it gives to myriads of people. This year, I had an excellent time volunteering for Med Day and enjoyed it thoroughly, and with being an OCM, I would love to bring more to the committee by helping to organise fun, engaging and eye-catching means of getting as many people as possible aware of Med Day and to give donations. I believe I have many ideas to do so for the upcoming year. Additionally, I'm very well experienced with time management skills and always take out time for extracurricular activities no matter how busy our schedule is with study, thus I can ensure that I will fully fulfil my position as an OCM if elected to this position.
Thank you for reading this! 

Julia Kiernan

Hey guys,

Julia here! As many of you know I have christened Fridays as ‘Thriving Fridays’, meaning naturally on Fridays I thrive. Since Med day always falls on a Friday I think it might just be a sign that it’s time everyone was involved in not only Med Day but a thriving Friday too!! Wowee double whammy... the streets of Dublin won’t know what’s hit them!

Aside from wanting everyone to thrive as much as I do...I’m also super enthusiastic to be part of med day 2021. I love throwing events so much that I’ve even decided to throw a big birthday bash for my beloved car, Bugsie!! Some might say OTT, I tend to disagree! If you don’t celebrate the small things then how can you be prepared for the big things (aka being med day OCM!!)

Being part of the med day committee involves a lot of organisational skills. If my pastel highlighted, colour coordinated notes don’t convince you I’m the most organised girl for the job I don’t know what will!! 

Meabh Kelly

Hey kings, my name's Meabh and I'd love to have your vote for MedDay OCM 2021.
There's no doubt that some of my best college memories have been from MedDays of the past, and I now feel it is my duty to give back. I am prepared to invest as much time and commitment to MedDay 2021 as I give to my blossoming TikTok career (12 likes on my last vid if you're counting).
Memories from my first MedDay are a little hazy... still recovering from the concussion I gave myself after falling off the chairs in the Ed Burke (still made it to the club though). However my goal is to make next years MedDay as memorable as possible for everyone involved.
I'd be really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of organising next years MedDay. Its a brilliant opportunity to raise some dollas for really fantastic causes, not to mention the feeling of cracking open that first can of prazsky at the end of the day is like no other. I love getting involved in the MedDay videos each year and Im also an avid fan of the talent show (and an even bigger fan of Mattress Mick! - sponsor me pls)
Jokes aside, I seriously believe I would be a really enthusiastic and hardworking addition to the team and Id love to get the chance to *add a little bit of spice* to the next years event!
Yours truly,
Meabh  (chefs kiss)

Zoe Weber Hall

Heyy sexy people, Zoe here and I’m running for med day OCM  😎

Ahh med day! what a time! Waking up crazy early, the free breakfast, the buzz around the kea, the freezing bucket shaking, warming up when you get some grub, going back to the freezing bucket shaking, warming up at the pav thanks to the long awaited can of prazsky, the tipsy race through the bouncy castle obstacle course, lol the slave auction and my god the !! talent show !!

I gosh darn love it all!

It’s such an amazing way to raise a whopper amount of money for amazing causes, and to have an unbelievable amount of craic with all our fellow meds, sooo I’d love to be more involved next year. This year I was secretary of MOVE so I’m no stranger to the ins and outs of fundraising. Managing to raise any money at all without our infamous wine and cheese mixers (shameless brag incoming) is without a doubt a testament to how great a committee member I am.

For real tho, I’m super duper hard-working and enthusiastic and I think I would do a really great job as part of med day’s team xxx

Camille Christle-Power

Ciara Leavy

3rd Year Representative (x2)

Aisling Hughes

Hello everyone, my name is Aisling and I am running for 3rd year med day representative. 

Like all of my fellow second years, I have only experienced the wonders of one med day. Standing out in the freezing cold in that pink t-shirt and getting ignored by people who don't have any change was the best day of my life! In all seriousness, I did have such a ball on med day last year. Being able to fundraise for such worthwhile causes was amazing and it was also such a good opportunity as a first year to make friends.

My enjoyment of med day 2020 has inspired me to offer a hand in organising and planning the day itself and the many weeks leading up to it. I have a bit of a flair for organisation (see my weekly colour coded study sched) and I also love telling people what to do (ask my pharm project partner). I will also have no problem recruiting my friends for the talent show and the slave auction.

All in all, I just want to help in any and all ways to make med day 2022 as good as what this year could have been, and then some!

Tara Breslin

Hi hi my name’s tara and I’d love to be a third year Medday rep 😀

My one and only real-life medday was memorable not least from chugging lukewarm Praszky at the Pav and screaming at people on Leeson street for spare change at 8am (I’m from limerick -nobody questions it)

I have a lot of chaotic energy and after a year on the Scéim and 2 years as a TBSI-Halls native, I’m good at surviving on a less than adequate amount of sleep (a convenient quality to have on a medday morning). 

Everyone I know and love will vouch for my hyper-organisational skills and I’d love to help scatter Jaffa cakes and harass business owners for discounts if you’ll elect me. 

I promise to do my utmost to help organise unreal nights out as it takes a lot to embarrass me (Scéim Tiktok I’m looking at you).

And of course, I promise to do my best to raise money for the hospitals, TAP, and other worthy causes hehe 

Thanks for coming to my tedtalk. Grá mór, 

Tara <3 xx 

2nd Year Representatives (x2)

Joy Cloonan

Upon googling ‘funny ways to say hi’, I’ve decided upon ‘What’s kickin’, lil chickens?’

I’m Joy Cloonan and I’m running to be your 2nd year MedDay rep. 

My main reason for going for this role is, obviously, I just want to be friends with Mattress Mick.

Ah no, in all seriousness, I really do want to be involved with MedDay. I love the idea, the ethos and I adore the wholesome vibes. I thoroughly enjoyed it this year, even over zoom! (I may have even cried when Catherine Keenan was given flowers……do I know her? No. Was I even remotely involved? No. Was I hormonal? Very possibly, but I have yet to watch Budanov’s lectures...)

Planning events is my favourite form of procrastination, so I just felt MedDay was right for me. When I inevitably fail and drop out of medicine, my goal is to be a wedding planner, so I would really appreciate the experience now!

Finally, if you aren’t yet swayed, I actually do have some past experience; I’ve worked with Special Olympics from a young age, and I like to think I’ve mastered the art of shaking a bucket. Also, last year I organised a Halloween party for over 200 special needs children, buying each child a personalized gift and getting sponsorship from local businesses (which I hear is a duty of med day team members!)

Love, peace & chicken grease! - Joy

Karina Oganezova

Hi everyone,

My name is Karina Oganezova and I am running to be your second year Med Day rep! I got the chance to be the first-year rep this past year, and even with all of the restrictions and Med Day not being in person, it was amazing to witness how much Med Day fundraised and how many beneficiaries it helped. I loved working with the rest of the committee who were all so passionate about this organization. I am very much looking forward to hopefully experiencing the energy and excitement of Med Day in person. When I was in college in America, I was on the committee for a 12-hour dance marathon called UDance, which raised money for our local children’s hospital. We had to work with different vendors and the families of the patients to
plan this extremely fun and important event. I also worked as a research coordinator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston where I went to and also planned a lot of community engagement events to get to know the community heavily impacted by HIV. I’ve worked with doctors and research assistants and everyone in between and created a good work environment. I would use all of my prior experiences to be a great and enthusiastic second-year rep for Med Day!

Tender Amaechi

Hi everyone! My name is Tender and I am currently a first year med student. I was an OCM for MedDay this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The other committee members were all so welcoming and it felt amazing to be part of such a loving team. This especially meant a lot to me as a little first year who couldn’t really meet new people because of covid restrictions and very strict TBSI rules.

The events we got to plan and the different fundraising projects were all so fun. It was incredible knowing I was part of something that would eventually help so many people. We raised an incredible amount of money and just reading the thank you notes of all the beneficiaries was so heart-warming.

Whether it was raising awareness for events through posts in my class group chats or getting the bus to town to give out MedDay t-shirts everything was an absolute blast.

The committee’s tireless work was truly inspirational. At no point did anyone lose their momentum or their drive. Getting the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team again would truly be an honour.